In the USA, the education is primarily the responsibility of state and local government. Each state has its own curriculum, structure of education, subjects offered, textbooks and extracurricular activities.

Education is compulsory for children aged 5/6/7 to 16/17/18 y.o., depending on the state, but the school education does not end until the age of 18, or completion of 12 school years. In all states, the High School Diploma is awarded upon completion of high school studies and meeting the graduation conditions set by each state. 

There are different patterns after which the education is structured, depending on the state:

  • 5+3+4: Elementary School (K÷5), Middle School (6÷8), High School (9÷12);
  • 6+3+3: Elementary School (K÷6), Middle School (7÷9), Senior High School (9÷12);
  • 8+4: Elementary School (K÷8), High School (9÷12);
  • 6+6: Elementary School (K÷6), and Middle and High School combined (7÷12).

The grading scale is from A to F, where A = 90 ÷ 100, B = 80 ÷ 89.9, C = 70 ÷ 79.9, D = 60 ÷ 69.9 and F = 0 ÷ 59.9.

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