In Canada, the federal government oversees education, while provincial and territorial governments have the role of developing curriculum and determining major education policies and initiatives.

There are similarities between the education systems of different provinces and territories, but each province / territory has its own curriculum reflecting the culture and history of the region.

As English and French are official languages, in Canada there are schools with English and French language tuition.

Education in Canada is compulsory for children aged 5/6/7 to 16/18 y.o., depending on the province or territory, and is divided into primary and secondary levels.

The grading scale is from A to F, where A = Excellent (90 ÷ 100), B = Good (80 ÷ 89), C = Average (70 ÷ 79), D = Poor (60 ÷ 69) and F = Fail (<60).

Education in Canada